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Honey I Shrunk The Sheets!

Honey I Shrunk The Sheets!

There’s nothing worse than pulling your king size fitted sheet out of the dryer, only to struggle differentiating it from the kid’s single fitted sheet. Followed by trying to over-stretch your sheets to fit over your mattress. Or waking up in the night with your feet stuck inside some bunched up fabric!

The solution? It’s time to play the long game...

When you find yourself high quality sheets that last (with the right TLC), you won’t turn back. The care instructions for all of our fabrics are summarised on our product pages and on the inside care label. Easy breezy!

Shaded outdoor drying

Always take advantage of the good weather (when we get it)! We recommend drying your sheets on an outside clothesline but out of direct sun.

Quick tumble drying

When using a tumble dryer, note that bedding might take a little longer to dry than a regular load of washing. But remember not to leave your sheets in the dryer too long, because this is what can cause them to shrink!

With over drying being the number one cause for shrinkage, it’s best to tumble dry sheets on a lower heat for the shortest time possible. This minimizes shrinkage and helps reduce wrinkling.

And that’s not all. It will prolong the lifetime of your sheets! The average life of sheets should be between two and three years.

Separate it all out

Remember – not all linens are created equally, so it’s best to keep very different loads separate. Keep towels separate from your bed sheets, too. Sheets generally dry faster than towels, so when the sheets are dry the towels will likely still be wet.

If you're aiming to combine loads, put light cotton fabrics in with sheets, not towels.


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