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What do the different thread counts mean?

What do the different thread counts mean?

High thread count bedlinen is something that you should actually be thinking about when it comes to choosing your bed sheets. It can be in everyone's reach, it is not just for luxury hotels.!

It is worth taking into consideration when purchasing bed linen for your bedroom.

Think about it: you spend (ideally), around eight hours a night in your bed asleep. This is where your body and mind relax and recovers and repairs themselves. It is worth, therefore, ensuring that you invest in bed sheets and covers that provide you with the most comfort and the best chance of getting a good night’s sleep. 

If you don’t know your 200 thread count from your 1000 and are bamboozled by bedsheets, keep on reading as here, we explain what the different thread counts mean.

What is the thread count?

It is a simple way of measuring the number of horizontal and vertical threads in every square inch of your bed linen. The higher the thread count, the more threads there are used in the material. The basic idea is the thinner the thread, the more you can pack in, and the softer and more delicate the fabric will become. Therefore, a higher thread count means much better quality.

But is it?

Like everything, quality matters. If you have a high thread count, but it is made of low-quality thread, it is not going to mean a great deal. We recommend that you would be better off purchasing a premium quality starting from 400 thread count. Fortunately, you can be assured that we offer both premium quality cotton AND a high thread count, giving you the best night sleep ever.

Which thread count to go for?

This depends entirely on your preferences. A lower thread count is going to feel lighter and slightly thinner, while a higher one is more likely to feel silky and smooth against your skin, but can also feel slightly heavier. 

The ‘sweet spot’ for most people is somewhere between 400 and 800. 

Which material?

When it comes to bedlinen, the most common fibre to be used is cotton. There are three main types of cotton: Pima, Egyptian, and American Upland. American Upland is the most popular, can be short or long threads. If a label says 100% cotton, it is generally American Upland. Pima cotton, which we use for all our bedlinen, is much softer cotton with a longer, silkier thread, like Egyptian cotton, which is the most luxurious (and expensive) of them all. It is grown in the River Nile Valley in Egypt. We use Pima cotton, which is the same as Egyptian cotton, just not grown alongside the Nile, which means we can offer more competitive prices for our high thread count bedlinen range. 

Of course, what you opt for is down to your personal preference. For hotel quality bedlinen, go for the high thread counts (from 600 thread count) in Pima cotton. It will prolong the life span of your bed linen and of course give you a wonderful night sleep on luxurious bedlinen!