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Pillowcases Explained: Housewife, Oxford, Super King & More!

Pillowcases Explained: Housewife, Oxford, Super King & More!

Popular terms 'Housewife' and 'Oxford' are often thrown around in the bedding world. But what do they actually mean?

Don’t be fooled, pillowcase terminology isn’t common knowledge for many of us.

But, with 190 years of textile expertise under our belt, you’re in safe hands. We’ve come together with our experts to set the record straight. So you can shop your perfect pillowcase from our extensive luxury ranges, hassle-free!

What is a Housewife Pillowcase?

Are you a lover of tradition? 'Housewife' pillowcases (also known as 'Standard' pillowcases) are basically the standard UK pillowcase size. They have a solid sewn edge, which fits perfectly around your 'Standard' pillow – measuring 50x75cm.

The Housewife Pillowcase fits any standard pillow (size 50x75cm).

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What is an Oxford Pillowcase?

Enjoy exploring the considered details of your interior design options? 'Oxford' pillowcases could be your match. With a wide stitched flat hem around the edge to create a border (or flap as we also call it), the size of this hem is likely to be between 5 and 10cm (but could vary in width).

Measuring 50x75cm inside and outside depending on the 60x85cm hem size – the Oxford Pillowcase fits any pillow measuring 50x75cm.

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How big are Super King Pillowcases?

Prefer sleeping with large pillowcases? Meet our 'Super King' pillowcases, also referred to as ‘King’, 'Extra Long' 'XL' or 'Large'. They’re just like our 'Standard' size pillowcase – but longer.

Measuring 50x90cm and fitting a pillow size 50x90cm, Super King pillowcases are usually about 15cm longer than Housewife pillowcases – fitting well across a Super King size bed measuring 183cm wide. It measures 50x90cm.

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What is a Square Pillowcase?

Lover of layering? We also offer a 'Square' size pillowcase. More often used for decorative purposes, our square pillowcases are like Oxford pillowcases with a wide stitched flat hem around the edge to create a border (or flap). 

The size of this hem can vary in width, but it is likely to be between 5 and 10cm. It measures 65x65cm inside and outside depending on the hem size 75x75cm. This fits a pillow size 65x65cm. 

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