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Best Pillow Case for Your Sleep Position

Best Pillow Case for Your Sleep Position

Which position do you usually sleep in? Just select yours, and let us reveal the perfect pillow options for you. Because with190 years’ textile expertise under our belt, we know exactly what’s needed for a good nights’ sleep. Just sit back, and let us impart some of our wisdom onto you lovely people…

Back Sleepers

Also known as the supine position, back-sleeping is known to be best position of all. Namely for spinal alignment, wrinkle reduction, acid reflux prevention, reduced joints pressure, and much more!

Your ideal back sleeping pillow choice? Consider just one single memory foam pillow or a down alternative head pillow option – for the perfect amount of head support. And with unmatched haircare, durable qualities, cotton, and linen options are your best friend!

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Side Sleepers

Also known as the lateral position, health benefits include improved digestion, reduced heartburn, enhanced brain health, and more.

Perfect side sleeping pillow choice? Try one single, regular pillow under the head to help cushion your precious cheek skin and bones. Not to mention, our mulberry silk pillowcases are made to soothe you. The answer to ultimate side-sleep comfort!

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Front Sleepers

Also known as the prone position, front-sleeping can help reduce sleep apnea, prevent snoring, and improve digestion. Although not advised, we understand that sometimes the body craves this position over others.

Best front sleeper pillow option? For your head, a relatively thin pillow with a mulberry silk pillowcase is best. Consider also using one underneath your hips to help open your spine. Another option is to sleep at a 45-degree angle, which enables a neutral spine position.

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The overriding rule? There should be as little a strain on your neck as possible. With our pillows and pillowcases, you can achieve this while indulging in a top-of-the-line sleep experience. Welcome to the world of luxurious slumber! 

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