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What not to consume to avoid a bad night sleep...

What not to consume to avoid a bad night sleep...

If you want to ensure you have a good nights sleep here are some things to avoid:

Afternoon coffee break
It’s a well known fact that caffeine is a stimulant and can cause you sleep difficulties if you have a dose before you try to sleep. However experts have proven that an intake of caffeine can impact sleep up to 6 hours before your bedtime. So watch the afternoon coffee break!

Late Meal
Its sounds obvious but giving your stomach the chance to process any food you have eaten before you go to sleep is a must. If you eat within 3 hours of sleep you will significantly increase the risk of heartburn which will impact your sleep.

Foods that are high in fat
Foods that are high in fat may taste great but studies have shown that higher fat diets lead to worse sleep patterns, which in turn lead to eating at times when you should be asleep. It’s a vicious cycle that should be avoided if possible.

Everyone knows that a nightcap is supposed to help you unwind but whilst it does help you fall asleep quicker it also impacts the sleep cycle meaning your sleep is likely to be disrupted through the night.

Spicy Foods
In most cases spicy foods will increase heartburn and impact the quality of your sleep. They may even increase your core body temperature which prevents you passing through stage 2 of the sleep cycle.

So if you are planning a good nights sleep the last things you need is a late night drunken curry followed by a double expresso!