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Bed Linen Sizes

UK mattresses and bed linen come in a number of ‘standard’ sizes. We explain below the different sizes available:

  • A ‘Single’ mattress or a single bed is also referred to as 'Twin'. These are two terms for the same mattress or bed size. There is no difference between them. Single tends to be the more popular terminology, but today, twin is also used more widely.

    Did you know that two single sized mattresses make up a Super King size mattress? So when you are starting to share a bed with someone else we recommend you choose a Super King size bed to maintain the quality of your sleep. After all you have been sleeping on a single bed most of your life, so why should you choose to downsize?

    A single or twin mattress or single bed size is 90cm x 190cm or 35”x75”. A single or twin mattress fits a single fitted sheet size 90cm x 190cm x 30cm or 35”x75”x12” It fits a single size duvet cover 150cm x 200cm or 60”x79” and it fits a single flat sheet size 180cm x 265cm or 71”x104”.
  • A ‘Double’ size mattress or double bed is 135cm x 190cm or 54”x75” and it fits a double fitted sheet size 137cm x 190cm x 30cm deep or 53”x75”x12”. It goes with a double size duvet cover 200cm x 200cm or 79”x79” and it fits a double flat sheet size 230cm x 265cm or 91”x104”
  • A ‘King’ size mattress or king bed is 150cm x 200cm or 59”x79” and it fits a king size fitted sheet 152cm x 200cm x 30cm deep or 58”x79”x12”. It also fits a king size duvet cover 230cm x 220cm or 91” x 87” and it fits a king size flat sheet 275cm x 275cm or 108”x108”.
  • A ‘Super King’ size mattress or super king bed is 180cm x 200cm or 71”x79” and it fits a super king size fitted sheet 180cm x 200cm x30cm deep or 71”x 79”x12”. It also fits a super king size duvet cover 260cm x 220cm or 102”x87” and a super king flat sheet 315cm x 275cm or 124”x108”.


See below a summary of all the bed linen sizes in centimetres and inches. 

UK Sizes Mattress  Duvet Cover Fitted Sheet Flat Sheet
Single 90x190cm 150x200cm 90x190x30cm 180x265cm
35x75" 60x79" 35x75x12" 71x104"
Double 135x190cm 200x200cm 137x190x30cm 230x265cm
54x75" 79x79" 53x75x12" 91x104"
King 150x 200cm 230x220cm 152x200x30cm 275x275cm
59x79" 91x87" 58x79x12" 108x108"
Super King  180 x200cm 260x220cm 180x200x30cm 315x275cm
71x79" 102x87" 71x79x12" 124x108"


Click here to see our range of high quality bed sheets and click here to browse our range of duvet covers. If you have questions please do not hesitate to contact us by email We are more than happy to help you with any queries.