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The best pillow for my sleep position.

The best pillow for my sleep position.

Many people are confused as to what the right pillow is for them and how many pillows should they use. The ideal pillow configuration differs depending on the position you predominantly sleep in: 

Back Sleepers – the recommended pillow configuration for back sleepers is one pillow under the head to provide comfort and support. Thereby alleviating downward strain on the back of your neck. In addition, those who hold tension in their lower back may also benefit from a further pillow placed under their knees. 

Side Sleepers – again it’s likely that you'll be most comfortable with a single pillow supporting your head, so that your neck is horizontal, rather than sloping downwards. Occasionally you may find that one pillow isn’t quite enough but two pillows supporting your neck isn’t normally recommended. Instead you should make the second pillow a narrow one. Side sleepers are known to suffer with shoulder, neck and back tension, which can be hindered by an additional pillow between the legs, and by a pillow between your arms. 

Front Sleepers - this is normally the most difficult sleeping position as most people will have a tight lower back and their neck will be craned to one side. You should start by having a thin pillow underneath your hips, as this elevates the hips, opening the spine. For your head you should have a relatively thin pillow, and often people turn the pillow to the side and hug it for comfort, which allows the opposite side to drop down slightly. One marginally more radical approach is to sleep at a 45-degree angle and position two larger pillows down the length of your body, that you wrap around. It’s a cross between front sleeping and side sleeping and creates a very neutral spine position. 

The overriding rule is that there should be as little a strain on your neck as possible and therefore your head should be as near to horizontal as you are able to achieve. 

And finally if you are a snorer use an anti-snore pillow. These pillows are simply designed to keep your head raised during the night. When your head is raised it opens up your airways and the pillow helps to reduce and minimise the snoring.